About me

🧚 Blockchain fairy with a drill!

If you are like me, you are probably very keen to learn more about blockchain technology and to share your knowledge with others. The blockchain ecosystem needs more females to take the lead. Don't be shy, take your magic wand (or your drill) and join me. And for the guys out there, you would be surprised how much value a diverse team brings. Give it a go! ;)

What I'm Working On

  1. 👩‍💼 Since 2020, I am a Solution Architect working in Berlin. I studied Computer Science and I graduated in 2020.
  2. ✍️ On this website, I write articles about different areas that cover blockchain technology, give hints to different resources, and help people better educate themselves about this topic.
  3. 💌 I write a newsletter about financial education (the number of posts per week varies between 3-5, depending on how busy I am that week). I am an advocate for financial education and I believe that the first step towards that is to become financially literate. Therefore, I present different concepts related to financial education in a digestible form "Financial Bit of the Day", to fuel your financial literacy.

Get in Touch

  1. 🤙 Twitter - If you've got a short question or message (<280 characters), please tweet @Buzea200 and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. 📨 Email - If it's something longer, or you don't want it to be a public tweet, please email me (biancabuzea200@gmail.com).
  3. ☕️ In person - I love meeting up with people in real life. So if you are visiting Berlin (DE) and want to chat, let's go for a coffee. I'm generally available during evenings or weekends. Drop me an email (biancabuzea200@gmail.com) and include [Coffee] in the subject line, and we can arrange something.

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